DeWalt D24000S Tile Saw Scores High, Definitely Worth the Price

The Dewalt D24000s professional wet saw is phenomenal. Cuts are smooth. The precision is amazing and there isn’t a lot of vibration. Pretty light weight and again cuts are very easy to make. Costs a little bit more than other wet tile saws but the DeWalt will last you a life time. Super high quality tile saw and I highly recommend it to anyone who plans on cutting a lot of tile.

Power tools are very important for both DIYers and professional woodworkers. And perhaps, one of the best power tools a woodworker can get his hands on is the DEWALT 24000S Heavy Duty 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand.

This wet tile saw with stand is a light and ultra-powerful saw that is equipped with an efficient 1.5 horsepower motor that can cut through porcelain and stone. Its motor can tilt and lock at a 22.5- or 45-degree miter with positive stops for smooth, clean, and quick-angled cuts.

This saw can be used for renovating bathrooms or tiling a kitchen floor or backsplash. It has a lightweight and compact design that makes assembly and transport effortless. It has adjustable rollers that aid in the proper alignment of the table. It can tackle projects as large as 24 inches and 18 inches on diagonals because of its stainless steel cantilevering rail/cart system.

There is also an option to work with v-caps and pavers with a 3 1/8-inch depth of cut. It also features a dual water nozzle design that helps in positioning the spray on the blade correctly. With an optional rear and side water attachment, water stays in the 5–gallon pan and not on the floor. Its bottom is tub-styled and can fit into the included stand with the four molded sections. It also has plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C and floor registers. Lastly it has a removable cutting cart for trouble-free cleaning.

The the DEWALT 24000S Heavy Duty 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand may be one of the best power tools you can get your hands on. It has stayed true to every word. It is indeed lightweight, easy to assemble and move. It has a very powerful motor that can glide through any tile. This is no messy tile saw as water is kept in the pan as you work. However, I don’t recommend using thicker specialty blades with it. The motor may be quite loud but this sure is a workhorse. This wet tile saw is highly recommended.

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