DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand Review

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While we absolutely love the Beast tile saw and rank it #1 in our power rankings, there are plenty of reasons not to overlook the D24000S. Let’s dig in.

Legendary is the word I’d use to describe the DeWalt tile saw. It’s been the standard tile saw of value-oriented professionals for years on end.

DeWalt’s wet saw got its break by starting as a household name synonymous with quality and has withstood the test of time by delivering on that reputation.

Before we get into price and the Lackmond comparison, how about a quick and dirty look at DeWalt’s pros and cons?


  • Assembly is easy but the instructions are lacking detail
  • Although portable and able to be broken down, moderately difficult to move
  • Saw and stand are bulky and take up significant room
  • Noise level is on the louder side, comparable to a compound miter saw
  • Stand that comes with the S model doesn’t adjust for uneven surfaces
  • Tray doesn’t drain all the water without assistance
  • Trays are made of plastic


  • Legit, super high-power motor that delivers
  • Rubber surface grips tiles securely
  • Smooth, precision exact cuts like no other
  • Durable and will last for a long, long time
  • Table is stable
  • Water spray nozzle is adjustable and coats the tile well with little spillage
  • Clean up is a breeze
  • Actually lighter than most tile saws in the same class but it is “heavy” at 70 lbs
  • Has a terrific removable/adjustable guide to make rip or mitre cuts.
  • Stand does adjust for height (but not uneven surfaces)

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4.6 Stars Overall

Whether you’re an ambitious DIYer or a professional, you’re going to love the DeWalt.

No, it’s not perfect. You can see some minor flaws above but the price is very nice at $769 vs. the quality. Given the features, durability, quality, and proven results, you’re getting tremendous bang for your buck.

The bottomline is you aren’t going to go wrong with DeWalt. We have it ranked #2 but guess what, our #1 ranked tile saw also costs nearly $150-200 more so take that into consideration along with your budget.

Click here to see today’s price (it changes).

The Tile Saw Stand Difference

One question a lot of people have is, “what’s the difference between the D24000 and the D24000s?”

It’s simple. The D24000 doesn’t come with a tile saw so it’s not priced into the package cost and the D24000s comes with it.

We recommend you get the stand if you’re in doubt because you’ll usually save some money ($10-$25) upfront vs. waiting until later.

Click here to see the cost without the stand.


We have absolutely no problems saying we love the DeWalt tile saw. We love the best a tiny bit more but if you’re on a budget, the $150-$200 savings you get with the DeWalt might be all you need to tip the scales of favor.

Read our Lackmond “Beast” wet tile saw review to understand the differences between the two.

No matter what you decide, you will not regret buying this machine. It’s legit high quality.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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