Bosch TC10 Highly Rated Among Professional Tile Saws

If you work professionally laying tile, there are several great options to choose from. We’ve reviewed The Beast and DeWalt D24000 tile saws with 5 star acclaim but we’re also very impressed with the Bosch TC10. Below is our breakdown.

Before we get into our patented bullet point pros and cons, we think it’s important to point out that the price might have recently dropped on this machine. It’s currently at $799 and if memory serves us, this was in the mid-$800’s not too long ago.

Really good news but you’ll like what it can do for you even more:


  • Water trays are mediocre, maybe a tad flimsy
  • Hard to lug up stairs because the wheels are small
  • Spray shield works well but it won’t contain every last drop


  • Precision accuracy right out of the box
  • Comes with folding stand with wheels (DeWalt stand doesn’t have wheels)
  • Cuts tile like butter (no need to push hard), makes very smooth cuts
  • Plenty of motor power
  • Bottom drain plug in the water tray makes draining water easy as pie
  • Very little water spillage makes for an easy cleanup
  • Relatively quiet for as powerful as it is, probably okay for most indoor use
  • Extremely stable and durable, high quality feel

Read the recent updates on the only 2 star review.

Where Does it Rank?

It’s going to be hard to sort out our top 10 rankings with so many high quality machines on the market. For all you professional tilers, here’s how we see it:

The Lackmond Beast is #1 overall because of all its features and outstanding reviews but it costs more so we can’t say its the best value. Read our glowing review of The Beast.

The DeWalt tile saw comes in at #2 and we label it as the best value. While we’re not so sure about that given everything we’re seeing about Bosch, we’ll give the yellow & black the edge because it’s been proven and validated in so many reviews. Read why we think DeWalt is on the money.

For now, we rank Bosch as our #3 dark horse but don’t hold us to it. There simply haven’t been enough customers writing in yet.

Clearly the TC10 model is easily a very good purchase and you can’t go wrong with buying it. If you do, please let us know what you think.

We can tell you this much: The competition is getting stiff!

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