Best Tile Saw for the Money 2014

When you’re researching wet saws, go by 4 criteria: reviews, price, features, and your needs/project. A few words of advice:

1) If you’re a professional, don’t go cheap. Get a high quality, commercial grade tile saw and you’ll save so much money.

2) Never rent a wet saw. You can buy a cheap tile saw for the same price or just a little more.

3) If you plan on doing more DIY projects in the future – as in you’re doing the kitchen now but you’re thinking about bathroom and sun room next, go for a top notch tile saw.

Ok, enough chit-chat, let’s run down the best tile saws for the money.

List Price: $799.00
Current Price: $749.00
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I call DeWalt the classic. You just can’t go wrong with DeWalt. High quality machine, good value. Tons of features. Great for starting a tile saw business.

The Beast is going to be the next big thing for 2014. Early reviews say it lives up to its nickname with monster power and precise cuts.

List Price: $87.99
Current Price: $87.99
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The SKIL 3540-02 is a great cheapie tile saw for getting through small DIY projects. You’re not going to make this into a professional tile and you’re going to miss out on some of the advance features but great value for DIYers and home improvement beginners.

Bosch is another new, top of the line with everything you’d expect from a $2,000 commercial tile saw for less than half the price. Expect a lot of 5 star reviews in 2014-2015.

The QEP is for intermediate shoppers. Not quite pro level but definitely better than the $100-$200 range wet tile saws.

This MK Diamond model is another great option under $100.

Looking for our top ranked wet saws? Read my blog on the best rated wet saws for 2014.

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