Bang for Your Buck: The Top 3 Wet Tile Saws You Can Buy Online in 2015

This is a simple quick and dirty cheatsheet for those of you ready to stop messing around and buy a wet tile saw. Based on hours of research, here are the 3 elite options of tile saws you can have at your doorstep in 2-3 days.

1. The “Beast” – You pay more and most times you’ll get more. This is one of those times.

Easy to assemble, extremely powerful, laser light puts it over the Bosch. A dream to work with. Read our Lackmond WTS2000LN review for all of the details and specs.

Free Money Tip: The price on this bad boy is currently $978.80. It varies but it’s usually around there +/- $10. You can save $50 off the price by clicking here and choosing the “click coupon and save” options. No catches. No BS.

2. DEWALT D24000S – We call DeWalt ol’ reliable because you can never go wrong with it.

Less expensive but still rivals the Beast. Powerful motor, huge capacity, excellent water pump. Guys, the value is definitely here. Read our DeWalt tile saw review for the full breakdown.

3. Bosch TC10 – We tend to think of the Bosch as the Lackmond Lite. It’s great but it’d sure be nice to have the Beast laser guide.

Sturdy, cuts straight right out of the box, spray shields work great. In a nutshell, another great option and you’ll save some money. The rub comes whether you get the folding stand with wheels or not.

The stand adds about $150 to the bottomline and a couple of reviewers have reported problems.


You’re not going to go wrong with any of these three choices. What it comes down to is personal preference, budget, and features.

For example, if money is tight, you will want to narrow your options down to the DeWalt and the Bosch. Or, if you value certain features like a laser guide highly, then the Beast is your best bet.

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