2017 Review: DEWALT D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

dewalt d24000 tile saw review

The granddaddy of wet tile saws is upon us.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the gold standard in power tools, the DeWalt D24000.

Things have changed for 2017 so let’s update our old review and see what customers are saying now that some time has passed.

The bad:

– You’re going to drop $750 minimum with a DeWalt so you’re definitely paying up for quality, though I will say it’s one of the lower priced elite saws
– A big work area is needed with this saw and the tray so you can’t expect the D24000 (and everything around it) to slide right into a cozy spot
– It’s super noisy and loud so you’ll want to get some ear muffs to muffle the sound

Click here to read a few more bad reviews (there are some harsh critiques, believe it or not).

The good:

– Easy to set up and take down and easy to store
– This saw has great rip capability. Even tiles sized 12″ x 24″ you can cut in a single pass
– Lightweight (weighs about 70 lbs) and portable
– The fence and miter gauge area actually usable and lock into place like a champ
– The adjustable spray on the blade controls splash
– Most tilers (both pro and amateur) report very accurate and smooth cuts
– One knob pull and you’re plunge cutting receptacles, fixtures, and whatever else no problem.

DeWalt is still setting the standard and we still think, top quality wet tile saw wise, it’s still the best tile saw for money.

What I love about DeWalt is its a proven brand with proven reliability throughout the years. You just can’t make up 130 reviews, most of which are solid.

If you’re wondering, the D24000s includes the tile saw stand but it’s the same wet saw.

I highly recommend you click here just to make sure they don’t have a special price because sometimes it’s a better deal to get the D24000s.

Another good way to research (I know some of you are super thorough) is to read the D24000s reviews here.

Now why would you do that?

Because the “s” is going to have some reviews that you won’t see on the D24000 listing so you might glean some additional insight.

And if you’re wondering about price, $749.99 is usually the low price on the D24000 model.

The stand is currently $44.99 and sold separately. Here’s a look at the DeWalt tile saw stand:

List Price: $50.97
Current Price: $45.99
Buy Now
Price Disclaimer

As with any high powered machine, you’re going to find some bad reviews (hey, a lot can go wrong on the assembly line, am I right?).

But if you look at the overwhelming majority of tilers experiences and feedback, the sun is shining bright on DeWalt and so its easy for us to recommend as a strong value and a good buy.

List Price: $799.00
Current Price: $749.00
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Price Disclaimer

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