2016 Review: SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System

skil tile saw 2016 review

If you’re a DIY type of guy (or gal) and are shopping around for a basic compact wet tile saw that’s great for small jobs but isn’t heavy on the wallet, look no further than the SKIL 3540-02 tile saw. In our 2016 review we’ll cover the highlights.

For its weight, size, and price range ($150), it carries good power and versatility. It’s perfectly adequate for small do-it-yourself projects like bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

Also, it’s a super easy to assemble and is very reliable and user-friendly – cuts porcelain and ceramic with fine precision be it straight or angular. One other cool thing is you can cut glass with this size blade due to the RPMs. Great for doing backsplash.

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One of the main problems you’ll have with this type of tool is water spillage, but the SKIL 3540-02 addressed this with the hyrolock feature.

The water containment system works really good so you can cut right where you are laying with very minimal or no water spray all over you or the room and you can still view your blade while the system is in place and saw is running.

The “covered” saw blade is really neat, although admittedly, the fence guide is a challenge to adjust and it’s difficult to keep the measurement sometimes. But let’s be realistic, this is not a professional grade saw and should not be treated as such.

But for small projects, it’s definitely a good value that gets the job done.

All-in-all this is a great little tile saw that’s light and super-easy to move and set up. At $150, the SKIL 3540-02 sure beats renting a professional tile saw for $50/day.

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